Care Qual­ity Commission

Prac­tice Comments:

Whilst encour­aged by many aspects of the report, includ­ing recog­ni­tion of out­stand­ing prac­tice in our con­tri­bu­tion to deliv­ery of holis­tic community–focused care; good prac­tice in many aspects of Gen­eral Prac­tice includ­ing good care, effec­tive­ness and respon­sive­ness; high patient-satisfaction scores; and an acknowl­edge­ment of the lead­ing role the Prac­tice plays in med­ical research through­out Som­er­set, we are nat­u­rally dis­ap­pointed with the areas noted to be requir­ing improvement.

We have already begun address­ing these issues includ­ing review­ing the clean­ing contract/cleaning sup­pli­ers and the premises man­age­ment pol­icy with par­tic­u­lar respect to the adapted Wed­more site as men­tioned in the safety review. We have also reviewed cer­tain spec­i­fied clin­i­cal protocols.