How do I?

Make an appointment?

All appoint­ments to see a doc­tor are made by tele­phon­ing the surgery on the fol­low­ing numbers:

  • Axbridge Surgery (01934) 732464
  • Wed­more Surgery (01934) 712774

Dur­ing nor­mal open­ing hours your call will be answered by a recep­tion­ist. When the surgery is closed you will hear a recorded mes­sage explain­ing how you can con­tact the doc­tor in an emergency.

Get tele­phone advice?

Some­times it is pos­si­ble for the doc­tor or nurse to advise you over the phone with­out the need for you to attend the surgery. In this case the recep­tion­ist will book a tele­phone con­sul­ta­tion for you.

Request a repeat prescription?

If you are on reg­u­lar med­ica­tion the doc­tor may agree for you to obtain a repeat pre­scrip­tion with­out need­ing to see the doc­tor in surgery. In this case you can request your pre­scrip­tion in one of the fol­low­ing ways:

  • By Post: Send the right hand side of your pre­scrip­tion to either surgery address indi­cat­ing the med­ica­tions you require.
  • Pre­scrip­tion Box: Drop the right hand side of your pre­scrip­tion to into the box at either surgery.
  • FAX: Send your writ­ten request to either surgery. Wed­more fax num­ber is 01934 713799. Axbridge fax num­ber is 01934 733488.
  • Elec­tron­i­cally: Online ser­vices via EMIS Access.

Pre­scrip­tions can be col­lected from:

  • Axbridge Surgery
  • Wed­more Surgery
  • Local Phar­ma­cies — Axbridge, Wed­more and Cheddar

Please note that we require 48 hours’ notice to process repeat prescriptions.

Request a home visit?

If you are seri­ously ill and gen­uinely unable to get to the surgery a doc­tor will visit you at home.

Please try and con­tact the surgery before 10.00am when­ever pos­si­ble, as vis­its have to be arranged between morn­ing and after­noon surgeries.

Get test results?

Test results are avail­able from recep­tion after 2.00pm each day or via tele­phone con­sul­ta­tion with a doc­tor or nurse.