Travel Advice

The fol­low­ing travel vac­ci­na­tions are usu­ally avail­able free on the NHS:

These vac­cines are usu­ally free because they pro­tect against dis­eases thought to rep­re­sent the great­est risk to pub­lic health if they were brought into the country.

We pro­vide a full travel ser­vice, unless you are trav­el­ling within 6 weeks. When you wish to book travel appoint­ments please com­plete this travel form. Please return com­pleted forms to either surgery and a nurse will be in con­tact with you within 5 work­ing days.

If you are trav­el­ling in under 6 weeks there are other local travel clin­ics avail­able. Some exam­ples below:

NOMAD – 0117 9226567 | BOOTS CHEMIST W-S-M — 01934 629068 | TESCO WELLS – 01749 649347

Pri­vate travel vac­cine fees as of 15th Jan­u­ary 2015 are as follows:

Rabies (cost per injec­tion) 3 injec­tions may be required


Hepati­tis B (cost per injection)  3 injec­tions may be required


Menin­gi­tis ACWY


Japan­ese Encephali­tis (course of injections)


Tick Borne Encephalitis


Malaria Pre­scrip­tion




Yel­low Fever


Some use­ful links to travel advice websites: